Scotts® ProVista™

Milberger Turfgrass has announced a major milestone in the Texas Turfgrass history for 2022. In partnership with Scotts® after 60 years, we have introduced ProVista™ to the Texas market. While there will be limited supply for this year, Licensed Texas growers near you will be ramping up production around the state.

ProVista™ is a drought, shade and cold tolerant variety that is built upon two technologies.

  • A dwarfing response that slows vertical growth, resulting in less mowing and enhanced qualities.
  • A Glyphosate tolerance for weed control

Learn more about Scotts® ProVista™ here.


A medium textured St. Augustine lawn grass exhibits the most tolerant to chinch bugs and brown patch within the St. Augustine varieties. Remember to plant in areas South of Waco, Texas.


Palmetto is a deep green color, medium textured lawn grass exhibiting good shade and drought tolerance. Palmetto has excellent winter hardiness adapting itself readily to all areas of Texas.


Raleigh St. Augustine is a vigorous, medium green, medium textured lawn grass. Raleigh is best suited in residential lawns with full sun to parietal shade. Raleigh is the most popular and most widely used St. Augustine grass in Texas adapting well to most areas.

Common St. Augustine

Milberger Turf has grown Common St. Augustine a.k.a Texas Common for over 60 years in the Lone Star State. The oldest cultivated lawn grass in the state has adapted well to most areas in Texas and continues to thrive well in sun and partial shade.