419 Tifway

419 Tifway is a deep green hybrid Bermudagrass with an excellent impact absorbing cushion making it a preferred surface for sports and golf, as well as full sun residential and commercial application in all areas of Texas.


CT-2 is a deep blue-green, fine-textured bermudagrass producing very aggressive lateral growth, thus establishing itself quickly and recovering from damage. CT-2 is well adapted to all areas of Texas and provides an excellent sports and golf turf, as well as commercial and residential use.


Common Bermudagrass is a fine textured Bermuda used mostly in commercial application. This Bermuda has a high formation of seed heads producing viable seeds and is very invasive.

Tifway II

More information about this product coming soon.


Fine textured and dense, TIFTUF™ greens up early and maintains its color well into the fall. TIFTUF™ has a superior drought and wear tolerance while consistently maintaining excellent turf quality. See the stats here.