Milberger Turfgrass was founded in 1947 by F.J. Milberger. After serving under General Bradley in WWII, F.J. Milberger returned home to Bay City, Texas. He observed St. Augustine grass being removed from one residence and planted in a new lawn at a different residence. After trying this himself and running out of lawns to harvest sod from, F.J. began a new business and a new industry in Texas. F.J. planted four acres of commercial sod and the rest is history. F.J. and his four acres have become one of the largest and most successful sod farms in the United States.

Because F.J. Milberger was a pioneer in this industry he invented many of the modern day techniques of the industry. F.J. initiated new land forming and cultural practices in cooperation with Texas A&M. He constantly improved the purity and varieties resulting in the implementation of the certified sod program for Texas. To meet the challenges of the industry, F.J., one of the original founders of the Texas Sod Producers Association, served as its first President. F.J. Milberger will always be remembered as the pioneer of Texas Turfgrass Industry.

Arthur Milberger serves as partner and president of Milberger Turfgrass, LLC. Day to day Arthur focuses on the turfgrass production, sublicensing of different products, along with a plethora of other endeavors. Arthur’s entrepreneurial and innovative drive has established multiple businesses throughout the decades. Of all of these sectors, he knows one thing for sure. “All of these enterprises have a unique synergism. You create one to serve the other; and though it doesn’t always end up with growing grass, it all comes about because of the grass business.”

FJ Milberger

FJ Milberger

Arthur and CJ

Arthur Milberger & CJ