Milberger Turfgrass is a family owned and operating wholesale turfgrass provider. We are currently celebrating 75 years producing high quality turf. Since 1947, we continue to practice and deliver the same values and quality. We invite you to learn more about the company, its founder, and the turfgrass varieties available.

Milberger Turfgrass ensures the highest quality sod and can accommodate any size of project whether it’s residential or commercial.

Turf Varieties


  • Scotts® ProVista™
  • Raleigh St. Augustine*
  • Common St. Augustine
  • Floratam St. Augustine*
  • Palmetto St. Augustine


  • 419 Tifway Bermuda*
  • Tifway II Bermuda*
  • Common Bermuda


  • Emerald Zoysia*
  • Jamur® Zoysia
  • Zeon® Zoysia
  • El Toro Zoysia
  • Zorro® Zoysia
  • Palisades Zoysia


  • Density Buffalo

*Certified and/or registered grasses available upon request